Application Process

Renmin Business School warmly welcomes exchange students from around the globe to maximize intercultural learning experience for both local and international students.

We look for students who are:

Outstanding in academic performance and extracurricular activities

Goal-oriented, self-motivated, and strong-willed

Open-minded, proactive, and friendly

Proficient in English

Healthy both physically and mentally


If you are a formally registered student studying in one of our partner universities (partner universities), you may apply to study at Renmin Business School as an exchange student.

Please contact the International Office at your university to learn how your school selects outbound exchange students. Apply to your home university for exchange study at Renmin Business School.


Students must have GPA 3.0 out of 4.0 (average score 80 out of 100 or 56 out of 70);

Students with Chinese nationality will not be accepted.

Once approved, they will send us official nomination and your contact information. And we will send you application instructions by email.

Be sure to allow plenty of time to meet our deadlines below.

Dates Fall Semester Spring Semester
Nomination Deadline Apr.20 Oct.20
Application Deadline Apr.30 Oct.30

You need to submit application online via this link, and print out the completed application form. Please click here to download detailed instructions on compatibility set-up and online application).

Send your application package to RMBS International Relations Office by email at

The package should include the following documents (e-copy):

Completed application form

Please sign at the bottom of the form; click here to view a sample form.

The official transcripts of record at your home university

English version, must be stamped and signed by the person in charge.

One recommendation letter

With a handwritten signature from the Dean/Vice Dean/ academic advisor/supervisor/professor who knows you well; click here to view a sample letter.

A scanned copy of your valid passport

The passport must remain valid throughout the whole exchange period till three months after the period ends.

A signed Guarantee Statement

Click here to download the template.

A qualified ID photo (white background)


The RMBS International Relations Office and the university’s International Students Office will review your application materials. We will send your admission package by mail to your home university in June (for students in fall semesters) or December (for students in spring semesters). The package will include:

Admission Notice

Visa Application Form (also known as JW Form)

Room Reservation Information Sheet

Guide for International Students

Campus Map