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Q: How can I apply for exchange program at your school?
A: You may consult your home coordinators about their nomination procedures. We will send you application procedures after receiving nomination from your home university.
Q: I study in an overseas university but I hold a Chinese passport. Can I apply for your program?
A: In accordance with our university regulations, our exchange programs are open to all international students but not Chinese nationals.
Q: I’ve graduated and had work experience, can I apply for your exchange program? My university has partnership with Renmin Business School
A: Please consult responsible staff at your university.
Q: Do you offer Chinese language courses?
A: No.
Q: Do I need to pay tuition at your school?
A: Based on agreements between our school and our partners, tuition fee is waived for the incoming exchange students.
Q: Our school does not have an agreement with your school. Can I apply for your exchange program? I can pay the tuition and all other expenses
A: Thanks for your interest. But at the moment, we only accept students from our partner universities.
Q: What are your requirements for students applying for exchange program at your school?
A: We require all incoming students to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale), equivalent to an average score of 80 (out of 100) or 56 (out of 70) and speak fluent English.
Q: Do you require IELTS/TOEFL test scores?
A: No. But you are supposed to be proficient in English as all the courses are lectured in English.
Q: Can you mail my admission pack to my home address?
A: Normally we can only mail your pack to your university unless in special circumstances you cannot pick up the pack from your university, which you must explain to us before June or December.
Q: I plan to travel soon. Can you send me my admission pack earlier so I can apply for my visa in advance?
A: Our university’s central International Students Office is responsible for reviewing all the applications and issuing admission documents. They cannot issue documents upon individual students’ request.
Q: How can I book a room on campus?
A: You will find detailed online room reservation instructions in your admission package.
Q: Do you guarantee a room for each student on campus?
A: No. Room booking is based on “first come first served” principle.
Q: My parents/friends will also go to China. Can they stay in my dormitory?
A: Your parents/friends can stay in your room in the daytime but not over night.
Q: What is your suggested date of arrival?
A: We suggest you arrive one or two days before the registration day to recover from jet lag and put things in order.
Q: If I arrive earlier, may I stay in the dormitory?
A: When you book an on-campus room, you will be well informed of the earliest check-in date, which normally is two or three days prior to the registration day.
Q: I may arrive a bit late. In that case, will you still keep my room?
A: If students fail to check in by the due date, the reservation will automatically be cancelled. However, if you are late due to unavoidable factors, please contact the Housing Office to explain the causes and tell them your exact arrival date.
Q: If I arrive before the earliest check-in date, where can I stay?
A: We advise you not to arrive before the earliest check-in date. But if you insist, you may consider booking a room close to our campus, including hostels like Hanting Hostel, 7 Days Inn and Home Inn, or four-star hotels like Ariva Hotel, Yanshan Hotel, and Friendship Hotel. We have a three-star hotel on campus as well---Huixian Building. Do remember to book in advance.
Q: Is there a deposit when I book a room? How should I pay it?
A: Yes. The deposit is CNY 600 per person, and has to be paid online.
Q: How could I pay the rent?
A: Semester-based students can only pay the rent with cash. Year-based students may choose to pay the rent by a bank card in the first semester, but have to pay the rent with cash in the second semester.
Q: Can I pay the rent daily or monthly?
A: Please refer to Accommodation.
Q: Can I get refund if I check out earlier?
A: Yes.
Q: Where should I check out? At the reception of my apartment?
A: You must go to the reception desk of the International Cultural Exchange Center for check-out.
Q: What is the deadline for booking a room on campus?
A: There’s no exact deadline. The online room booking system will be closed automatically once all the rooms are booked out.
Q: I cannot accept a double room. How can I get a single room? I can pay more money
A: The Housing Office sticks to the “first come first served” principle. If single rooms are fully booked and yet you cannot accept a double room, you may rent a room off campus by yourself, which is not encouraged though. There are many hotels, hostels, and apartments nearby, but the process of finding a room can be very difficult. You may ask your Chinese buddy for more information.
Q: My visa is a single entry visa. Can I get a multiple-entry visa?
A: Students for a stay of one semester can only apply for a single-entry visa before arrival. But after your arrival, you can apply for one more entry from our university’s International Students Office. But do file an application at least two weeks in advance.
Q: Do I have to take physical examination for visa application?
A: Students for a stay of one semester can only apply for X2 visa and don’t need physical examination. Students for a stay of one academic year need to apply for X1 visa, and physical examination is required.
Q: I hold a Finnish passport but my home is in Singapore. Can I apply for a visa from Singapore?
A: Please consult your local embassy.
Q: My parents will go to China with me. Can you help them get a visa?
A: We only provide visa application form for admitted international students. Your parents may go to a Chinese embassy or visa center to apply for their visa.
Q: I have insurance back home. Do I still have to purchase insurance at Renmin?
A: Yes. Insurance is compulsory for our international students.
Q: What insurance is that, and what’s its price?
A: You will purchase Ping’an Insurance with assistance from our university’s International Students Office, and the price is CNY 300 per semester.
Q: What does the insurance cover?
A: It covers death insurance, accidental disability insurance, medical insurance for accidental injury, outpatient and emergency medical insurance, and hospitalization medical insurance. Click here for more details on insurance.
Q: How can I register courses?
A: Course selection should be carried out online via our web portal ( but NOT by email.
Q: Is there a minimum or maximum limit on the courses I take?
A: You can take no more than 5 courses. There’s no minimum limit.
Q: I can speak Chinese. Can I take Chinese courses?
A: No. Exchange students only have access to courses lectured in English.
Q: Can I change my study plan if I find a course very difficult or not that intriguing?
A: There is an add/drop period (usually the first two weeks of the semester) during which you are free to make changes. But after that, no changes (add/switch/drop) will be allowed for whatever reason.
Q: What can I do if I fail to register for a course with limited capacity? / I have to take that course, otherwise I have to go back to my home university now or delay my graduation till next year. Can you offer me an extra place please?
A: While the number of incoming exchange students has been on the rise, some courses, especially those at graduate level, have limited capacity. To be fair, seats are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Please closely follow our course registration instructions and take quick actions. If you are not lucky enough to get a place, please select other courses instead or consult your home university for other alternatives.
Q: Where can I find syllabi?
A: We will send you by email all the syllabi we have collected before course registration. For those not included in the email, you may request the instructors at the start of the classes.
Q: May I skip classes or give up the final exam?
A: All the courses you have registered online will be included in your transcripts of records. Absence or no-show at the final exam will result in a grade of 0 (zero), which is shown on the transcript.
Q: Tips for online course registration?
A: It is important to have good Internet connection. Double check your personal information, especially name spelling, host unit (must be Business School), and study level (undergraduate/ graduate) in advance, and put together a list of all options for backup.
Q: Dates of the final exams?
A: The exact dates are subject to the instructors’ arrangement. Generally, exams are scheduled for the 18th and 19th weeks or in the last class.
Q: When can I get my grades?
A: You may check your grades in our online system. We will send your official transcript of records to your home university in the 2nd or 3rd week of the next semester.
Q: Anything special do I need to bring along?
A: Please do bring with you at least 4 ID pictures (size: 2.5*3.5cm).
Q: I’d like to ship my luggage beforehand. Can you hold my luggage till my arrival?
A: Sorry, but no, as we are shorthanded and have limited office space. You may consult the Residence Office and your Chinese buddy to see if they have a solution.
Q: Do you provide airport pick-up service?
A: No.
Q: I’ve booked a room on campus. What is its mailing address?
A: Our mailing address is: Renmin University of China, No. 59 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing 100872, China. You just need to add your room number and the name of your residence hall.
Q: Where can I apply for a Chinese phone number?
A: Please refer to Registration.
Q: When and where can I get my student card?
A: You may claim your student card from the university’s central International Students Office (room 108, International Cultural Exchange Center) in a week after your registration.
Q: Is WIFI access available across the campus? Do I need to buy a Chinese SIM card and sign a phone contract?
A: WIFI is available in most areas, but not everywhere. A Chinese phone number is needed.
Q: Is WIFI free?
A: Exchange students have limited free data (about 500 M). You may buy a data card from campus kiosks to top up.
Q: I cannot connect to the campus WIFI. What can I do?
A: The campus WIFI will be available at least two hours after your registration. Sometimes you have to wait till next morning. If by then you still have a network connection problem, please go to the ITS Center for help.
Q: Is there a website where I can search the books available in the university library?
A: Yes. The library’s website is
Q: Can I borrow books in the university’s library?
A: If you need to borrow books, you need to first go to the International Students Office (room 108, International Cultural Exchange Center) to get a document, and then take it to the library.
Q: Can I get any scholarship from your school?
A: We do not offer scholarship for exchange students. But you may consult your local Chinese embassy if you could apply for the China Scholarship Council (CSC) government scholarship.
Q: When can I get the academic calendar?
A: The calendar for the next academic year is available in mid June.
Q: I’m going to book my round-ticket. Can you tell me the last day of school?
A: Generally, the spring semester ends in late June, and the fall semester in late January. Exchange students do not have to stay till the very last day. As long as you finish all your courses and exams, you may leave if you do not have any other plans in China.