Credit Transfer and Registration

Credit Transfer

In general, 1 Renmin credit is equivalent to 2 ECTS credits (subject to the calculation by the home university).

At Renmin University, normally, compulsory courses are 3-credit each, and elective courses are 2-credit each. 1 credit stands for 17 contact hours. For example, 3 credits course is "3 hours per week" for 17 weeks = 51 hours in total.

To assure good learning experience, incoming exchange students can take no more than 5 courses each semester at Renmin Business School. There is no minimum limit on course numbers.

Course Registration

At RMBS, all incoming students are required to register courses online. Course registration portal ( will be open from July/January to 17:00 on the second Sunday of the new semester. You are free to take or drop courses when the portal is open. However, once the deadline is due, any requests of changing the courses will not be processed.

The exact course list for each semester will be available in the end of the last semester. That is to say, the course list for spring semester will be available in late December or early January while that for fall semester will be available in late June or early July.